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Highly recommended. Excellent quality and great service resulting in extra time for me to do what I do best. I cannot recommend Virtual Personal Assistant Services enough to save you time and money. Absolutely well worth it

Private Customer - B.Hand

"Virtual Personal Assistant Services recently made some travel and accommodation arrangements for myself and my husband thus saving me lots of stress. They have also arranged for a delivery of beautiful flowers to be delivered to a sick friend. I am very pleased with their friendly professionalism and expertise and have no hesitation in recommending Virtual Personal Assistant Services. Excellent service thank you so much"

Michael Bashford, Crypto Currency Enterprises

Vicki from Virtual Personal Assistant Services is our personal assistant and comes with the highest of recommendations. There are people that do their job and are worth their money. Then there are some people that go beyond their job and set the bar 3 levels higher making them almost impossible to replace.

It's been a blessing. I advise anyone with a bit on to give it a try. Best thing I ever did.

How much do you charge?

Prices start at $40 per hour for the larger tasks but for the smaller tasks, you will only be charged $20 for 30 minutes.  Block prices are available at a discounted rate if you need more time for your tasks to be completed. Please see the book online page for full details.

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